Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm home.  I've been home 2 weeks and I haven't been blogging.  I'm engaged, I'm frantically trying to plan a very quick wedding (because we're crazy, of course) and really The Oz Report has not been on my mind. 

Let's see what we've done these two weeks:

found a venue
found a honeymoon destination
found a DRESS (yes, that's right! and I LOVE it)  (that wasn't a we, either, that was an I)
found a beach
and set a date.

We're looking at 22 August 2014... which is in 4 months' time.  Can we do it?  Well, the big things are sorted, and I can take a deep breath and some time off - Kurt will be happy to hear this.  It's Easter weekend so things aren't happening as quickly as I might like - still waiting to hear back from the venue that the date is still available, and then we need to pay a deposit and head in to Flight Centre to book our honeymoon. 

And of course, on Tuesday, I get to put a deposit down on my dress.  You know what's stupid?  If you get a dress with less than 6 months' notice, you have to pay 15% extra.  That's stupid.  How can it take SIX MONTHS to make a dress?  But if I order it this coming week, it will arrive on 20 July and then I will have 1 month to get it altered to fit me properly.  Which the dressmaker says is plenty of time.  And that obviously gives me 3 months to get to my final wedding size haha. 

The annoying part of having a weird shaped body, ie top one size and bottom half another size, is that one just has to go with the larger of the two and get the smaller altered.  Oh and also having short legs.  You can't make a dress longer, so they make them long and then you alter them to make them shorter.  I'd have to wear like 20 inch heels to fit a dress unaltered.  Lame.

Why are there so many things to do with a wedding?  The awesome part of our venue is that they do almost all of the decorating themselves, so there is only a small amount we have to do - plus cake, DJ, dance floor, photographer, all those sort of things.  Have you ever thought about how expensive a wedding photographer is?  Have I mentioned 'lame' in this blog post yet?

And before I know it, it will be 22 August, and wow... Me, getting married???


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