Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's been a bit wet here in Brisbane.  These three puppy dogs at the edge of a flooded road look like they agree with me.

I normally run down this street.  On the left is where the Criterium Track is (bicycle racing) and there is a track that routes down to Toombul shopping centre.  Or at least, there usually is, but not today.

There was a bit of a cyclone going on up north, Cyclone Marcia, which hit the Rockhampton area as a Cat 5 cyclone yesterday morning.  By the time it got down to Brisbane it was classified as only a "Tropical Low" but it hasn't stopped raining for 3 days.

This is the lower car park at Toombul shopping centre with the train overpass, and of course somewhere in there is the track I run on.

A closer view of the car park.

The shopping centre from the opposite direction - from the road - obviously closed!

The rain seems to be easing now...

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  1. Fun! Looks like lots of mud to clear up once the water subsides.