Thursday, February 19, 2015


My puppy was born on Wednesday, and I almost missed out on her altogether.  

Due to my not reading my emails properly and a misunderstanding between me and the breeder, she thought I wasn't bothered with choosing, and I thought she just hadn't sent me pictures yet!

Anyway by the time I realised the mistake, three puppies were already sold.  Out of 3 caramel and 6 black and white, 2 caramel had already gone - but thankfully the one female was still available!

Here she is!

Sooo cute, right??

I'm sure the drama of realising I was almost losing out on a puppy altogether almost gave me heart failure...

...and Kurt was left virtually banging his head on the table at my not realising the email had attachments...

...but it all worked out okay (phew!) and in eight weeks little puppy will be joining our family :)

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