Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All of the colours are for all of the people

I met a little girl today.

I was sitting in the shopping centre, reading my book, when an old lady sat down beside me, a little girl sitting at her feet.

She proceeded to put on shiny Spiderman trainers, and the grandmother looked at me knowingly.

"It's her birthday," she said.  "So she gets to choose whatever she wants - and she chose Spiderman shoes.  She's a girl."

I smiled at them.  "I think they're very nice shoes," I replied - and to the girl: "I think you made a very good choice."

The grandmother tutted.  She reached for the glittery sandals the girl had been wearing, saying: "Here, give me your girly shoes."

And the little girl looked at me, almost anxiously, so I added "Spiderman is definitely for girls too, I think they're lovely."

It reminded me a lot of this post:

almost at the end.

Because, all of the colours are for all of the people, and Spiderman shoes are for boys and for girls, and indeed, for anyone who chooses to like them.

I mean, I'm a girl, and I fly aeroplanes, so there.

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  1. Fully agree! Why should my rainbow be incomplete? And I chose pink and blue for my bedroom colours the first time my parents gave me the choice. Although I didn't say "bring it"...