Saturday, July 4, 2015

I think I forgot how much I enjoyed running.

Today we did a 10k run (Southern Cross University 10k, part of the Gold Coast Marathon) down the Gold Coast, which involved waking up at 0330 to drive down there, having to be there at 0530 for a 0630 start.  I’m not quite sure why we had to be there an hour early – there was nothing to do except freeze – but I guess it avoided the chaos there was by the time the race started.

It didn’t take long to defrost once we started running.  We chose a comfortable pace of six and a half minute kilometres and got underway.

Having run 5k on Wednesday, and struggled to complete – at six minute kilometres, I was really surprised how much easier the extra thirty seconds was!

Other than a few niggles along the way, I found it quite a pleasant run – so pleasant in fact that it has reinforce my goal of running three times a week from now on. 

I’m still tired, obviously.  My legs are aching and I’m beginning to stiffen up a little (I didn’t really train for this), but I feel good.   I feel like I accomplished something today.  We both finished with a time of 1:04:23 which we are both very happy with!

Our next goal is the Bridge to Brisbane 10k run on 30 August, which I aim to do in an hour – and Kurt wants to run a marathon – so we will keep training! 

It will take awhile – but I am determined to get fit!

Especially as they give us a t-shirt every time we run - this way I'll never need to go shopping again.

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  1. I don't get T-shirts for running... but do sometimes enjoy the running (I more consistently enjoy the solitude). As for a marathon - good for Kurt - I am not at all sure that I could do it myself.