Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I got a text from work yesterday asking me could I do an overnight today, into tomorrow which is my day off, which was funny because I just had four days off sick during the days I should have been working.  And to make it even better, I worked my 2 days off prior to going sick also, and am thinking maybe I should make this a habit, as it's far more lucrative to be off with salary when supposed to be working, and getting extra payments on days off.  Just satin' - although it would have to be without the wry neck - I'd go to work over that any day!

So anyway, I've been somewhat AWOL lately on this blog, because it's just so hard to be bothered.  There's work, and when I'm at work I'm working - well or Facebooking, or chatting, or, or... I think I just reasoned my way out of my own excuse... And when I'm at home I'm obviously far too busy to blog.

After my awesome weekend in Noosa I worked the next two of my six days off, followed by actually having two days off (I was exhausted) when I managed to get the Christmas tree up - saved by my amazing husband who drove up to Bribie to get the Christmas decorations knowing how much I was looking forward to doing it - and also knowing that I had completely forgotten they were there!  I must also give credit to my mother in law who reminded him that they were there!

On my last day off (Thursday) I woke at 0450 by moving funny and 'putting my neck out' which for me means a sort of grinding pop and searing pain.  Kurt, being the best husband, called his work and cancelled his shift for the day to look after me.  He then waited on me hand and foot for the day, bringing me everything I wanted whenever I either yelled or texted him!  I was pretty impressed :)

After spending two days in bed, on Saturday I was able to move around more and begin to potter around the house, and my last two days (there are a lot of two days in this post) I was just working on getting back to 'normal'.

And then, of course, I got called in for another overnight and am now in a hotel having flown one whole 1.5h sector to get here.  It's tough being me.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow I just pax back to Brisbane in the morning.  Nice one :)

So there you have it, my life in a nutshell.  Ooh yes, also today I gave Lily a haircut, having bought a pair of (very expensive) clippers on EBay.  She was relatively good until towards the end when she began to freak out so she is now mostly done with just a little clean up to do on her feet and ears tomorrow!  She does look cute though :). No pics til I get home.

That's all for now, I have to go play Clash of Clans while waiting for Kurt to finish work so that I can say good night (cue: aaaawwwww)

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