Friday, December 18, 2015

Yesterday I didn't shut the bedroom door properly, which basically equates to leaving it open, as apparently even "pulled to", a small little snout can push it open and find all sorts of fun things to get in to.

I left work just after 6am and returned at 1pm, to get ready to go out for coffee.  The first thing I saw when I opened the door was a hair tie on the floor - and I was pretty sure that wasn't there when I left.  Uh-oh, I thought, she's been in trouble again.

And so she had.  In no small way, she had made herself comfortable in the bedroom, investigating everything on the bedside tables - and eating a lot of it too!

When I discovered that she had wolfed down an entire packet of earplugs (the box said 10 pairs) and could have also eaten neurofen and panadol, I called the vet's, and shortly after we were enroute.  They made her throw up - yep, all the earplugs were there - they counted 21 which is weird - and then decided to keep her in for 48 hours to make sure she hadn't been affected by any medication.

Last night and this morning the update was good: she is happy and eating food, and shows no adverse signs at all.  She needs to stay at the hospital until tomorrow morning just in case - as with a dog of her size the dosage for panadol is 50mg and a single tablet contains 250!

We have a sample jar containing all the earplugs... but I don't think we'll keep it - pretty gross!

Lesson to self: make sure the doors are all properly closed, as apparently Lily does not know the difference between food and non-edible items - I think she has pica !

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