Friday, January 22, 2016

House Complaints

It's so incredibly frustrating.  One month has passed now since we settled on our land.  We are now proud property owners of an almost-microscopic block about 25 minutes away... and yet we can't even stand on it.  Due to dodgy laws that allow the developers to simply pay a "bond" to the Council for registration, the infrastructure is not complete and the stage is still referred to as a "civil zone", whatever that means.  All that we know is that nobody is allowed access - and therefore the builders aren't allowed access for the soil tests - and therefore we can't keep moving ahead with our house plans - and therefore we can't start building our house.

Cue FRUSTRATION, and a million other strongly negative emotions to describe how we're feeling right now.  It is exciting that we have the land - we can stand at the end of the street by the construction and see our block, but that's as far as it goes.  They haven't even started laying the sidewalk yet.

We even got to the stage of second-guessing ourselves about the house we've chosen so much that we started going to look at display homes again - we have now gone back to our original plans, although almost every day we're considering yet more minor changes.  The "free tender" plans we have submitted will end up with multiple changes.  Of course, the sales rep says there's no point changing them now as it will put our plan at the back of the queue... and so, we wait.

...And wait.  Seemingly forever.

It was on my birthday, 18 September, that we first started looking at houses and only a couple of weeks after that that we chose the block, and we're still waiting.

We're even now considering putting in a pool - yes, that's awesome and expensive and how good would that be? 

Watch this space...

Of course, don't watch it too closely as the developer has just emailed and said that it will be "several weeks" before our stage is ready for access.


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