Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's getting there!  On the way to an appointment yesterday I stopped by the estate and it was exciting to see that they had made real progress in the last week.  The sidewalk was boxed up ready to be filled and all of the piles of dirt on the block had been moved.  I spoke to a construction worker who said he was hoping they would be finished in the next week or two.  Exciting!

In other news, I spent an entire day in Rockhampton this week due to random rostering which had me on reserve up there.  I stayed with a friend and went horse-riding which was fun although I'm still a bit scared of horses.

It was an interesting experience being at my friend's house.  I had a really good time there but it wasn't all easy sailing for me.  The house was a little more animal-centric than I'm used to!  For instance, they have 2 chickens in the spare room, a pet rat in the living room, four cats who laze on the counter tops in the kitchen (and everywhere else), and two dogs.  Outside they have multiple horses and more chickens, which don't really count because they don't come inside the house, but I did struggle with the concept of not having any "human space".  I mean, we have a dog indoors, but she is very restricted in her movements!  Maybe it's different when it's your own animal?

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  1. Wow - memories of Rayleigh, though there it was only cats and dogs, but cats infinite in number and definitely over every surface available in kitchen or wherever, and dogs five in number. Not to mention the relatives.