Monday, May 15, 2017

Visit of the parents

They arrived!  In fact, they were so fast through security that I was late, and they were already outside by the time I arrived at the terminal.

We had a nice quiet evening on Sunday night and planned to go to the beach on Monday.  However, plans changed and we ended up doing some shopping - Mum managed to practice great restraint in the first shop...  We then cut shopping short so that they could meet Shawnee and Amanda - and little Asher, who was incredibly cute playing tug of war with Lily.  She was growling as ferociously as she could, and still no fear from the little guy!


We had an awesome dinner of duck, or at least three of the four of us did (C was home), and we sent Dad out to Beefy's to buy himself a pie.  This proved to be a terrible mistake, as he has now decided that he really should be allowed a meat pie for dinner every night instead of whatever we're eating. 

Mum loves her grand-daughter...

Today, Dad and I went for a 5k run (just over 3 miles) with Lily, after which we headed up the coast to Bribie Island dog beach.  It was lovely weather, around 25C, blue skies and the water was still relatively warm.  Dad and I went for a swim, and then for a walk along the beach to warm up again, and I collected lots of pieces of coral for Mum.  Since the cyclone, coral has been washing up broken off the reef, and there were some pretty cool specimens.  We walked back to find the mother gone!  Lo and behold, she was in the water.

Pre-water mother

Having never seen my mother in the sea before, I was incredibly excited, so I didn't mind getting wet again.  I splashed out to her and called out to her "LOOK OUT!" too late.  A massive wave smashed over her head.  She came up coughing and spluttering and it was the funniest thing ever.  Well, maybe not quite the funniest because the next two waves became even funnier, leaving her lying in the shallows in the white water, spluttering.  She claims that she loves waves and didn't mind in the least - her face showed a little consternation, in my opinion!


We had a picnic lunch at Redcliffe - ham sandwiches, as I made bread yesterday as Mum can't eat palm oil - and we managed to keep Mum out of any dangerous shops for another day.  Phew.

Tomorrow, we may head up to Somerset Dam.

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