Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthday antics

There are many levels of crazy.  I often read other people's blogs and think wow, she's my hero, she's got crazy down pat and I'm riveted, and I think there's no way I could write so well, even when on an insane sugar high and bouncing off the walls like a drugged up bunny rabbit.  Except rabbits are banned in Queensland and apparently there is up to a $44,000 fine for having one. But they're so FLUFFY!  

Yesterday I was a little crazy.  It being my birthday, and although I have decided to try a new lifestyle (not allowed to call it a diet), sugar was #1 on the menu.  I started with Galaxy Caramel for breakfast and finished with an awesome Black Forest Gateau, lovingly and surprisingly (sorry, Kurt) well made.  

Here's a random fact: People talk about me behind my back.  Sometimes it's really just Not Cool, and sometimes it's OK.  Like when Kurt decides to talk to Sarah about what my favourite food is so that he can cook it for my birthday, that's OK, and when... Ah well that's not really important but - you know who you are and really? Reeeally???

While on the topic of crazy, before I got side tracked, after two weeks of No Sugar, having half a bar of Galaxy Caramel, a Crunchie, and a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce, all before lunch time, makes for a hyper me.  I know, I'm a greedy pig and I Should Be Stopped, but that's OK, People, because it was my birthday and I can cry if I want to.  (I didn't cry, jus' because you were asking.)

I can still feel the sugar.

Anyway, Kurt made me an awesome dinner of roast chicken and Black Forest Gateau, not eaten at the same time, and I took pictures of him, which he wasn't impressed with (but it was my birthday I can do what I want to) and then he burnt himself which was sad and funny at the same time (sorry, Kurt) - but really, if you start rushing around in the kitchen while using a tea towel to mess around in the oven (when there are perfectly good oven gloves Right Next To The Eye Chart) what do you expect???  

So yeah, Kurt is now officially christened into cook-dom (as Caroline will surely sympathise) and found that cooking with one hand immersed in cold water is slightly more complicated.  That all said, he still managed to do an amazing job with dinner, and kept shooing me out of the kitchen, proclaiming "I said I was going to do this all by myself!".   OK, Well I did make the gravy - I may or may not have insisted, but heh, it's gravy, it's a Big Deal to me!

Here is the dinner!

And here are (is?) the making of and the finished product of the cake.  Congratulations, Kurt, you did awesome.

And it was delicious too!!!!

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