Saturday, September 7, 2013

Apologies, etc.

I'm sorry.  I'm not a very good blogger, and for that I apologise.  As my dad explained, on his blog, it doesn't seem very fair to You Readers, to not blog with more regularity.

I mean, I do have things to blog about, as I never got around to crocodiles, and kayaking, but the muse has been sadly lacking, and that along with a general, all-round Return To Normal Life, the blog has been abandoned, and I'm sorry.

And regarding Normal Life, apparently I am abnormal because I use words like "conflab" in conversation.  Is that really so weird ?  

Yesterday, I boarded an airplane/aeroplane, and made my way incredibly slowly and painfully to Singapore.  Being that I have been introduced to longhaul business class, going back into economy is beneath me and undignifying, but I suppose it must be done.  Actually, my colleague travelling with me offered to pay for his own upgrade to business class (circa $1000 on our tickets) and was blunty refused.  Apparently this is frowned upon.

We arrived at the hotel late, and also to a different hotel than we are normally at, which annoyed me.  It still annoys me.  It's not that there is any problem with this hotel, in fact if anything it is nicer than the old, but I'm used to the other one, I know where the eateries are, and I don't like Change.  (and it was an extra 10 minutes in the taxi)

Oh, something about Singapore?  Unlike Australia, Singapore has no agriculture, and hence does not mind people bringing in food for personal use.  I think there's a limit of five kilos, and so today's lunch is safe, despite its contents of chicken, fresh veg, fruit and beef jerky.  I will just have to make sure it is all consumed before landing into Port Hedland.

However, if you try to sell a Singaporean chewing gum, that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Speaking of kettles, not necessarily of fish, they don't provide milk in Singapore hotel rooms.  You have to pay extra if you want anything other than fake Coffee Mate, and it's not that I mind Coffee Mate, it's the principle, right?

Well that's it folks, and I promise I will get to the crocodiles and kayaking when I get home !


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