Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost Crying Explained !

Two people have mentioned to me that I didn't explain in my previous blog (Some more Cairns Part 1) why it was that I almost cried.

How does one explain an irrational fear of inanimate and immovable marine objects such as coral?  I have to say that it's not just coral - seaweed freaks me out as well.  I was slightly hesitant of snorkelling, and immediately ruled out the idea of scuba-diving, but I really wanted to do it, as much to say that I had done it as to see what others showed in pictures.  I'm also really glad that I did do it, as it was mostly amazing, and some of the fish were incredibly beautiful.

However... although I was happy floating around when the sea floor was 15 metres below me, and there was no chance of actually touching anything, as soon as we swam over the actual reef and the coral got closer and closer and looked like it would be touchable if I let my legs drop, I started to freak out.

And... suffice it to say I beat a hasty and panicked retreat to the open water, and also found that it is incredibly hard to hyperventilate through a snorkel.  Anyway... Kurt was very sweet, and even though we had paid through the nose to go on a guided snorkel tour with marine biologists in the afternoon, offered to call it a day and not snorkel any more.  Of course, I refused point blank, as if I pay for something, I'm jolly well going to complete it...

The snorkelling tour in the afternoon was good actually.  Kurt held my hand for the duration, and I tried not to hyperventilate when the coral got too close, and I kept looking at the fish, and I managed to enjoy myself.  And I also let Kurt go off snorkelling by himself while I sunbaked on board the platform.    (He went far too far out for me to be comfortable and I felt like running down the stairs to scream to the lifeguards to swim out to rescue him...)

Anyway, that... was that.  Oh and here's another picture to make you all happy.

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  1. So what is it about coral? Mind you I think I would be freaked out just having my face under water all that time, never mind what creatures I am sharing the water with. The coral - is it hard or soft? I though parts of it at least were alive and so I suppose soft (like me)???