Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day one of my Cairns holiday.  We arrived at the hotel around 1230 and then wandered out along the waterfront to find lunch, stopping afterwards for some Australian-Italian Gelato, which was interesting.

The waterfront has a large enclosed lagoon - in reality a swimming pool - which is similar to the city beach in Southbank (Brisbane) only bigger.

I presume this is to give swimmers a jellyfish, shark and crocodile free option!

After this, we meandered back to the hotel for some R&R by the pool with some cocktails.  Strangely enough, although half the cocktails on the menu contained cranberry juice, the hotel was right out, so I have settled on a (incredibly sour) mojito.  Oh the hardships...

Now mid afternoon, the next question is swimming pool or hot spa pool?  

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