Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last night I overnighted in Rockhampton at the Travelodge Hotel.

This morning I was woken up at 0430 by the fire alarm.  It actually wasn't as loud as I thought it would be, I guess the actual alarms were in the corridors rather than in the rooms.  I sort of opened my eyes and thought awhile, then grabbed my iphone and checked my Facebook.   Having exhausted all that Facebook had to offer, read various text messages and checked my email, I started to get a little annoyed at all the noise.  Being that I had set my alarm for 0500, the fire alarm was stealing the last valuable few minutes of rest (I'm still bitter).

So I texted the captain:  "I'm not getting out of bed.  &*%^ the fire.  Let me burn."  Although obviously, my grammar wasn't that correct.  He responded "Me too."

See there's the thing.  The fire alarms are regularly going off in the Rockhampton Travelodge, and are now regularly ignored.  (The cabin crew went downstairs to the assembly area.)  One wonders what would happen if there really were a fire, but as the captain pointed out, the building is made of concrete and probably wouldn't burn very well.

After ten endless minutes (yeah I know, they did eventually end) a voice came through on the loudspeaker saying "there is no emergency, please resume your normal activities."  What exactly do they think I would be doing at 0430 in the morning?  And then, approximately thirty seconds after the announcement, and just as I was considering getting off Facebook, the alarm went off again...

I think even the fire service is getting tired of the Travelodge, as they didn't arrive until after the alarms had finally shut up.  Of course, at the stage that they did stop, there was no point going back to sleep, so I stayed on Facebook and then begrudgingly started getting ready for work.

I hope someone Googles the Rockhampton Travelodge and comes to my blog, really, I do, especially as the bedsheets in my room yesterday were used, and very definitely not clean (I took photos) and in general when staying there, I never feel clean.  So sue me.  I have pictures, and a voice memo of the fire alarm noise.

Apparently my blogging is becoming random, but it's hard really to find new things to write about.  This week I got back from Singapore, spent two days off not really doing very much (does cooking and hanging out count?), oh yes I did make rather a nice roast pork meal, complete with roast vegetables, potatoes and gravy, and spent a reserve at Bribie Island on the beach (didn't get called).

Then, yesterday was Thursday, and started disgustingly and inhumanely early at 0330 when I had to go to work.  And that ended in Rockhampton.

Tomorrow, I have a day off, and will probably go grocery shopping, and maybe watch a movie, and then pick up Kurt from his cycling oojit (200km Cycle to Conquer Cancer) and then we're going to go out for dinner (post-cycle treat).

Then Monday, I work.  Tuesday, I work, and terminate in Townsville, Wednesday I come back from Townsville, and Thursday is my yearly line check, and yeah, I guess I might tell you guys how it went, we'll see !

And that's all, folks!  Nothing else to report :)


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