Friday, August 9, 2013

Brisbane - Alice Springs

Picture 1 : Brisbane Airport

Picture 2: looks like a large agricultural area, now 120 miles west of Brisbane.

picture 3: I brought my US adapter so that we could charge our iphones in the flight deck - 388 miles west of bne, to the north of Charleville

Picture 4: the Cooper Basin - torrential water comes flooding down from North QLD when there are tropical cyclones etc - 60+ miles wide.  This happens about every 10 years - there is weird marine life with eggs etc that can stay dormant for about 30 years in the dirt, waiting for the next flood when the waters just teem with life.

Picture 5: half way point 532 miles to go to Alice Springs.

6: Windorah- a township of about 20 houses, and a little airstrip.  Round blobs are little islands in the flood plains.  484 miles to ASP.  This area involves lots of drilling, supplying gas to places like Adelaide.  Windorah is where people would fuel up to go further into the GAFA.  Also lots of billabongs (water holes) along the edges of the flood plains.

10: straight lines of nothing stretching into the never never...

And we made it to Alice !!!  1000 miles down (5h block time), 2500 to go! 

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