Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The two months remaining mark has officially come and gone, leaving us with just weeks which are barely remnants of time.  Apparently the average cost of a wedding in Australia is between $36,700 (source: IBISWorld) and $48,296 (source: Bride To Be magazine).  I count myself (and Kurt) fortunate that we are not remotely average.  Having never thought of myself as an average human bean, I'm not surprised.  I am surprised, however, that people spend so much money on one day.  And I thought we were bad!

On Saturday we are meeting up with our celebrant to discuss what we want in our ceremony.  Having spent the last couple of months getting everything organised, I guess it did skip our minds to actually consider how we want the day to go!  (wing it??) 

Next week, I am off to Auckland for yet another sim check, and am trying to motivate myself to study.  I also would like to head up the coast next week for a hair trial and to look at decorations for the reception... but this all depends on motivating myself to study around this, and not getting called off reserve.

I go to Auckland next Friday, tomorrow I have one flight home to Brisbane (currently overnighting in Rockhampton) - and all the days between then and Auckland are reserve and days off!  I won't be practising any approaches then!

Oh yes and if someone looks the best on their wedding day that they will look for their whole life ever, I have few hopes for myself.  Pass the chocolate, please.

Did I mention that I am writing this post because I really don't want to study?

And why does Australian Aviation have so many rules?

And this is just a cool picture of some clouds hanging around in front of the sunrise this morning.

...52 minutes before we go for dinner... I should study... 

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