Sunday, July 13, 2014

I used to look forward to blog, all the time.  I used to actively look for things to blog about - look at things and think "ooh, I'll take a photo of that, because I could use it on my blog."  Those times are over, folks.  I don't know if they're over forever, but right now I look around me blearily and think "blog? what blog?"  I am reminded that I am a slack blogger, and that I haven't blogged for "ages", and, well, I think "maybe I should", and then I don't... and the muse is nowhere to be found.

I have started one or two blog posts, a little along the lines of "so today I have nothing to report" and "the countdown is at six weeks to the big day" and "I made pizza again" all of which you are probably not very interested in. 

This blog is obviously along the lines of "I haven't blogged in forever, bear with me, people!" and "I still have nothing to report."

Oh yeah, I've decided to cook today, just in case you're interested, having grabbed a copy of "Women's Day" off the aircraft and got some (misplaced?) enthusiasm for one of the recipes within.  I've also decided I need to:

a) go into the city to pick up my wedding ring
b) find a bridal store to buy some shoes to wear at the wedding
c) go shopping in general
d) clean the house
e) book accommodation for the wedding, except I didn't wake up early enough to talk to Mum
f)  make a list of the things I need to do because I've forgotten half of them already
g) have breakfast
h) remember the other things I have forgotten

So I'm blogging.

I did remember to put brandy on the fruitcake again.  The fruitcake is now about six weeks old.  I don't know what it's supposed to look like.  It looks like a fruitcake wrapped in baking paper wrapped in tin foil.  I put brandy on the outside every 3 weeks and I wonder whether it soaks in far enough so that when the cake is cut down to size (6" from 8") will it have any brandy on it at all?  And then I wonder whether I made it right and whether it's just going to be awful and should I Give Up Already?

I want to go cycling, and it's so stupidly cold.  (for want of a "polite" adjective).  Apparently it's the coldest winter since cold winters began, at least in the last 20 years or so, although some sites say "it's the coldest in 103 years!" and others say "it's the coldest morning since last winter!" which doesn't sound quite so impressive.  And I can't cycle when it's this stupidly cold, and then I get to midday when it's not quite so stupidly cold, and then I don't feel like cycling any more.  Just saying.

Oh yes

i) weed the garden
j) go grocery shopping

I told you there were more things that I had forgotten.

I'm on reserve today, and they didn't call me yet.  Another triumph for mankind. 

Okay, I think I'm done now, You're Welcome.


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