Monday, July 28, 2014

I had an awesome day, today.

Today was the hair and make up trial, and Kurt's mother drove me up the coast to it as my neck was sore yesterday.  The two women doing the trial were great, and listened to all of my requests and did the hair and make up just how I wanted it, and I am so excited to wear it again on the 22nd !

Then we went to Caloundra and visited the beach where we are having the ceremony, and to the resort as well, stopping in between for a well earned lunch of fish and chips.

It was so much fun getting the hair and make up done, especially when it came out so well, and it was actually a very enjoyable day out with my future mother-in-law as well !

Being up the coast by the beach made me feel like I need another beach day, so I'm hoping for a good few of those before the wedding!  It was nice just standing by the beach and soaking in the sun, and watching the waves crash against the rocks.

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  1. And what are Oz fish'n'chips like, I wonder? Better than the USA type I hope!