Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Catch Up Post 1

The weather's pretty ordinary at the moment.  That's what they'd say, in Australia, and of course, I'm in Australia, so the weather's pretty ordinary at the moment.

(Google suggests that "ordinary", in Australia, means "actively terrible" or "really quite bad" etc. while of course, everywhere else in the Universe...)

I'll try to give you all a head's up when I'm going to use words that don't mean what you think they mean.

I've always liked the American definition for "momentarily".  Especially when you're taxiing out for takeoff, and the pilot makes a PA declaring his intention to be "airborne momentarily". 

It's a good thing I understood.

And for fear of being sexist, the pilot was indeed a male on this occasion.

Today is Kurt and my five monthiversary.  Yes, it's really been that long!  Although I like to tell him that really we've been married a year now as we got married in 2014 and it is now 2015... where's my anniversary present?

I went to the sim at the beginning of January, obviously preceded by 2 weeks of insane stressing about something that generally goes well (and did) but nevertheless remains stressful every single time.  Kurt goes to the ATC sim in a couple of weeks to do his next rating (every piece of airspace holds its own rating) and he is neither stressed nor planning to study, so I envy him a bit.

Thankfully the more pilots Kurt talks to, and the more he realises that we all do this, the more understanding he becomes!

Running is continuing.  I fell over a piece of pavement last week, ending up with a few scrapes and bruises, and after taking a few days off running due to general soreness, I am tending to avoid the pavement when I can.  Yesterday I was running along the street next to the parked cars - this is in a quiet housing estate, mind, on a nice wide road - and this car comes up behind me and starts beeping his horn at me repeatedly.  I am still not sure what he wanted, as he seemed quite angry that I was running on the street.  He did not seem to be calling attention to the fact that I was a female, running, so who knows...

I have just finished reading the Harry Potter series, 10+ years after they were first published, and in general enjoyed them.  Having watched the movies already, I didn't find that this detracted from the books in any way, and it was quite strange how I associated the actors in the movies with the characters in the books.  (In general, what JK Rowling described was portrayed quite well).  There were of course differences, but these were differences that I could deal with.  (Unlike some movies/books which I am sure were meant to be either/or , never the twain shall meet).

I also watched the movie of the Giver, which was good but... missing something that the book has, although I cannot explain.

We bought a whole stack of movies after Christmas as JB Hifi had a really good sale on, so why not?  This means that we are now trying to get through them all, and Kurt finds it hard to understand how I can spend hours on my computer, either chatting on Facebook or watching Youtube clip after Youtube clip (season 9 of Bondi Rescue in 2 days heh heh) and yet need a break inbetween two movies.

That's just the way it works, okay?

Going back to Kurt being in the sim soon, this means that he will now be what they call a "fully endorsed controller" or FEC.  This means that he will hold all the ratings in his "group" - in this case, three - and be able to start doing shift work.  This will put him on a rotating roster of three on, two off... which actually is going to be a pain in the proverbial, as having me on a random roster could make matching days off quite difficult!  I get four roster bids in a four week period, which are not guaranteed (I'm unsure why they bother) so hopefully some of our days will line up.

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