Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The New Bow

It happened.  He got a new bow.  He didn't have a compound bow yet, so fair enough.  His is the Bear Agenda 7, and it is a 50-60lb bow, obviously wound up to 60lb, while mine is still sitting back at 37lb... it's not a competition!!! 

The shadow black with orange trim is really nice, and goes with his arrow combination of orange & black feathers, although in this case they are plastic vanes as this type of bow apparently tends to damage real feathers faster than his other bow.

And here is the bow itself, sitting on the Lakeside Bowmen Official Sighting-In Chair which is at the side of the sighting-in range, and which is quite useful for resting things on (such as my backside when my legs get tired).  I'm not sure whether the chair is intentionally camouflaged or whether it's just very very old.

The view from the sighting range back in the direction of the clubhouse (you can see our car).

And in the other direction (at this point, I am sitting on the aforementioned chair).

The other side of Kurt and his bow...

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