Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3 without my husband.

You'd think I'd have more time on my hands, but strangely enough, I still make dishes to wash without him. (for example)

Seeing that I am attempting to study for this promotion that probably won't happen any more, I've found my motivation for doing odd jobs around the house much higher.

For instance, we now have a plastic drawers set in the bathroom so that the puppy doesn't chew up all the toilet rolls and my hairdryer.  Instead, I guess she will just eat the plastic.

Tomorrow morning I must get up super duper early to head off on an overnight.  

Oh and I have achieved my 10,000 steps a day so far although my Fitbit ran out of battery at 8,000 steps and I didn't realise - so after charging it, I had to do extra!

And Kurt, you can come home now if you like! :)

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