Monday, March 2, 2015

Today, I'm home alone.

My lovely husband has deserted me by going to Japan for 10 days on a snowboarding trip with a couple of his colleagues.  I drove him to M's house this morning leaving here at 0600 as we were told we had to be there by 0630... and then his friend with the hire car didn't turn up until 0700 which was extremely annoying for all involved!

I got home and went back to bed for a couple of hours, waking up to do my 12wbt workout and then feeling unmotivated and not doing it.  I then attempted to study and managed about 20 minutes, after which I actually managed to complete my logbook - it being something that needed to be done, and was better than just going back on Facebook.  By mid afternoon I managed to motivate myself sufficiently to do the workout (phew) and then settled down to watch a couple of movies.

Coles (supermarket) has an activity tracker challenge on at the moment, that if you link up your device and complete at least 10,000 steps a day for the month of March, you win a $100 voucher to spend in store.  Having forgotten to wear my Fitbit yesterday when I went to work (Kurt wore two, to make up for it!) I actually remembered today - and then found I was still about 500 steps short when I was getting ready to unwind... so decided that despite being highly un-inclined to do so, I would clean up the kitchen. 

So much for deciding to relax about the housework (that I don't do much of anyway because I am not a great housewife!)...

That's the kitchen cleaned and 2 loads of laundry done since Kurt left this morning.  I'm sure I would feel much better about it if I had studied instead!

I must remind myself that tomorrow is another day... 

And here is a picture of our baby girl to make up for it...

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