Thursday, March 12, 2015

My lovely husband arrives home in the morning, and I'm pretty excited.  He flies into the Gold Coast which is about an hour away, so I'll be up bright and early (it will be bright, because it gets light insanely early here) to drive down to pick him and a couple more guys up.  He's the only one I'll be bringing home, though!

He's been gone for 11 nights (including tonight) and it's been surprisingly busy while he's been gone.  I've had lots of work, lots of overnights, and lots of chores to do.  I did a fair bit of studying towards a possible promotion, and then that faded out, dwindling to nothing in the last couple of days.  It is hard to stay focused when you don't have a goal to work towards. 

Now Kurt's flight is delayed 1h35 (so far) so I get a bit more sleep in the morning... but I am really hoping he isn't any later because a) I want to see him and b) we will hit rush hour traffic on the way home!

Bring on tomorrow morning!!!

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