Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home day + 2 ratbags

They've been fighting all day.  Sometimes over toys (because God knows, there aren't enough to go round) and sometimes just because they want to, and apparently it's a lot of fun to fight over nothing.  Lily's also learning to bare her teeth to go "RAWR!" although Gatsby rarely (if ever) listens. 

fighting over a stick

I started out with a nice clean floor this morning, which is always a mistake, because you know dogs.  It didn't take long to fix though, and by the time I blinked...

my floor...

OK, I thought, I'll clean the floor.  I can deal with this.  I'll lock the puppies outside, and sweep and mop, and have some peaceful time to myself while it dries.  It took about thirty minutes to dry.  Thirty minutes of L&G standing (and scratching) at the screen door begging to come inside. 

my beautiful clean floor (the sheet on the couch is G protection, as he is still learning not to jump up there)

Finally, I relented.  The terrible two came galloping in... and then decided that as the door was open now, they would much rather play in the garden.  Seeing that they were about to start tracking mud back and forth again, I decided it was time to go for a run.  Managing to untangle the mess of leads in the midst of their excitement, we set off for the park.

I started off keeping Gatsby on a leash like last time, but he obediently loped beside me so once we were in the far field (fenced) I let him off, with strict warnings (I don't think he could understand me) that he would be straight back on the leash if he ran under my feet.  Thankfully, it proved to be a success, and after running myself weary, I sat on the grass and watched them gamble.  They play so well together, until G gets over excited and L gets upset that he won't leave her alone and goes "RAWR" and I have to intervene.  *rolls eyes*

And then we came home... and... *cries*

I swear this was only just mopped

After that, they were locked inside with no more access to mud.  I did feel slightly sorry for B when he came to pick up his puppy and Gatsby left dusty smears all down his suit trousers... The feeling was short lived as it's his own fault for letting him jump up :-P

At my house we're working on no jumping on me or on the furniture - a long and slow process but we're getting there.

L is now fast asleep, refusing even to wake up for dinner - her loss - and I'm off to bed.  I have a busy day tomorrow: G will be dropped over at about 0630, I then have a brekky date (+ puppies) at 0900 and cycling with Hana at 1330.  Yay :) 

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