Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yesterday, my fridge died, and today it's working again, so that's weird.

I don't think I can ever trust it again.  It let me down, and it let me down hard. 

I've got a friend bringing over a bar fridge for me tomorrow.  I think I shall relegate that to the garage alongside the chest freezer, and use the resurrected fridge for daily food... with the bar fridge for emergencies.  As a penalty for its dramatic death, and also the drama it gave me with its self-opening door over the last couple of weeks, the freezer compartment has been sentenced to death and duct-taped shut.  I'm sorry, but I'm over you.

Am I crazy?  Perhaps I am, but the longer I can keep going with this Ancient Beast of Doom and the bar fridge, the longer I don't have to pay for a new one, and that's enough for me.

In other news, Lily enjoyed her first lamb bone here yesterday.  She was somewhat disappointed that I didn't want her to eat it inside.  She would cry at the screen door until I let her in (sans bone) and then cry again at the screen door until I let her out again to said bone... this quickly became trying. 

Then the Great Fridge Drama of 2016 began, and my friends saved the day by sharing their fridge space with me until I get back from my trip on Monday, and then I dropped Lily off at the dog-sitter's.  She seems to enjoy herself there, and I don't have to worry about her being home alone, so that's good.  Also, she's allergic to the new flea-tick stuff I bought, at great cost, so I have to sort that out on Monday.

This morning, Sunday, I'm chilling out in the quiet with no small dog (sad), and have to go to work in ten minutes.  I'm all ready and have nothing in particular to do with my time, hence writing this blog.  It's not a bad trip, I operate two sectors today and then pax (ie travel as a passenger) to my final destination, and then tomorrow morning I simply operate home, and I'm finished for the day - at about 0800! 

It will be interesting to see whether the fridge is still running when I get home.  And yes, it's currently empty, I'm not that stupid.

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  1. I suppose you hadn't moved the fridge before it stopped - they don't like being rotated more than say 30 degrees? Cant think of any other explanation.