Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life is Good

Life is good.

At least, today it is.  The door might be dirty, and my puppy might be slightly less fluffy than usual due to the rain making mud in the garden, and she might be sleeping on an equally muddy towel just inside the front door, but life is good.  At some stage she (and the floor) might get a bath.  We'll see.

This morning, Hana came around for breakfast, bringing it with her, which was nice.  Having arrived home from work and picking up Lily quite late last night, I hadn't prepared anything.  So, she came and cooked us some oatmeal and fresh fruit, and we had breakfast at my old-but-new and not-quite-what-i-wanted dining table.  I still don't think it fits.  And the chairs wobble, and I've tried to screw them together tighter, and they still wobble.  Bring back the camping chair and esky, is what I say.

After Hana left to pick up her spare dog from the Gold Coast, my new couch arrived.  It barely squeezed through the door in its massive cardboard box, and was abandoned for me to unpack.  It's a good thing it did fit through in the box, as it's been raining all morning (as mentioned earlier) and is decidedly muddy outside (thanks for the holes in the garden, Lily).

Imagine a cardboard box that fits a large three seater couch inside, and you'll know what I had to work with.  I should have taken a photo, but I was too busy tearing up the cardboard and trying to make it into smaller pieces.  The recyclables were collected this morning, before the couch arrived.  Not the best planning on my part, but they made me work, so not my fault.  I managed to fit the entire box into the recycle bin, although it is now full - and won't be picked up for another fortnight!

I then made myself a cup of coffee and drank it while sitting on my new recliner couch.  After this, I decided that no couch is complete without a good throw, so I headed to the shops to see what I could find.  The result was a gorgeous cream afghan with fleece backing.  I'm now all set for the winter!

And Lily?  Well, Lily is still not allowed on the couch, despite what her dog-sitters may let her do when she is at their house (she sleeps on the bed! LOL).

Just a few minutes ago, the Telstra guy turned up to connect my phone line.  He couldn't find a telephone outlet that worked... apparently the one next to the TV doesn't actually have a line connected to it.  On further investigation he found a blank panel in the kitchen which made the appropriate beeping noises when he moved his gadget in front of it.  On removing the panel, he found an internet and a telephone cable... with no attachments.  

Thankfully he was a nice Telstra guy and fixed it all up for me complete with a new panel on the front.

I then discovered that I didn't have a telephone cable for my router, either, so he found me a little short one from his van to use until I get one.  The router is now propped up next to the oven on a plastic Klip box and a very very short leash!  But the internet is working, hence this long blog post.  Hurrah!  He even showed me how to set up the modem (I may be able to fly airplanes, but I have no idea how to set up the internet).

And my dirty puppy is still asleep on the dirty towel at the front door.

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  1. Nice couch - is it the sort that converts into a bed for yelf to sleep on?