Saturday, April 16, 2016

Exploration Photos

These photos are more for Dad than anyting, as I know how much he likes fords, etc.  I found two so far, in the park by my house.  The first was crumbling into the river, which was quite deep on either side.


Below is the fenced-off crumbling part - still plenty of space to get past

There were lots of carvings, one at each corner of the big field we were in, which I presume makes four (that I found so far).  This one is a kookaburra, there was also a koala and a lizard, and I didn't bother visiting any more.

The second ford was in considerably better repair, and I presume used regularly - it connected the football fields to the rugby fields.  The broken one connected the softball fields to the rugby fields...

Lily absolutely loved running around.  She would get distracted, pause to investigate something, I would keep walking and say "let's go" and she would charge forward to meet me.

She checked out pretty much everything, running around chasing magpies, cockatoos, everything that moved really (perhaps not a good farm dog...)

And then having completely worn her out, we came back to the garden to relax.  She needed a bath after that !  The problem with the garden is that it has lots of dirt as well as grass... and she really likes bringing it all inside

and finally, for my mother, a picture of what my floor looks like all the time  (and usually more toys than that, because at the time of this photo she had half of them in the dirt outside)

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