Friday, April 8, 2016

Moving House

I can honestly say that I'm exhausted.  Yesterday was all go, and although today started out the same, it is now almost 1500 and I have done very little since lunch time.  

Yesterday, I spent the morning preparing my furniture in the unit for the move - ie stripping the bookcase, removing drawers from the dresser, de-cluttering the cube, etc.  At lunchtime, Kurt's dad drove down from Bribie with his van and the afternoon was filled with lugging furniture to the new place.  We finished this by about 1600 at which point Kurt's dad headed home (unfortunately in peak hour traffic) and Kurt headed up the coast.  It was definitely invaluable having them both for the afternoon as I couldn't have moved the stuff without them!

For the rest of the evening, I carted boxes of Stuff (how does one get so much?) to the townhouse from the unit, pausing for an hour or so to have dinner and watch some TV (Married at First Sight, LOL).  I got back to Zillmere for the final time at about 2200 and fell into bed.

this morning, I woke about 0700 with bleary tired eyes and sore limbs, thinking of coffee and realising I didn't even have a coffee cup, let alone any coffee to go in it.  Thankfully, googling "coffee" worked like a charm, and I found a little coffee shop just a minute or so from home.  Along with a library at the end of the street and an IGA.  Hurrah.

After coffee, the will to live started coming back and I finished unpacking what I had at the townhouse and then went back to the unit.  Oh, I also forgot to mention that yesterday I located a fridge on Gumtree, arranged delivery, and that arrived here at 10 this morning.  (Along with another carload of Stuff from the unit.)

Once I got back to the unit for the second time today, my energy started fading once again, but I still managed to get some decisions made and boxes packed from the kitchen.  Being at a low ebb at that point, I stopped for some spaghetti bolognaise and decided to load up the car and head back to Zillmere for a much-needed nap.

Now, having napped, I have almost finished unpacking the boxes from the car and am packing my big suitcase to go to Auckland in the morning.  I also have a birthday party tonight in the city, so I have about 90 minutes to get packed and ready... here's to hoping all the stuff I need is in Zillmere and not in Northgate!  At least I don't have the internet to distract me... this post is written on my iphone with the help of 4G.  While lying on my bed, I might add, as there aren't any chairs to sit on!


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