Friday, April 15, 2016


As you are probably aware, I got home from NZ on Thursday: home being relative, as I was sort of in limbo between the two places.  Yesterday, Friday, I did three trips filling up the car each time to bring stuff back to the townhouse.  Given that I moved to Aus four years ago with one suitcase... the expansion is extreme.

I don't have internet at the townhouse yet, so I had no distractions to unpack yesterday, also fuelled by the fact that Ceri was coming over for a cup of tea in the evening (he sat on the camp-chair, I took the Esky).  I actually got almost everything organised.  There are a few minor items that don't have homes yet, but that's OK.

This morning, I woke up early (as I always do), stiff and sore from hauling boxes, and surveyed the day. It was actually quite fresh this morning, the first day that I've actually realised that Autumn might be here.  We've had unseasonably warm temps this month so far - hopefully it's not chilly for my beach trip today!

Anyway, having woken up, I was able to make a cup of coffee (yay for having a kettle) and then took Lily to explore.  I took lots of pictures, but not having wifi I will have to delay posting any until Wednesday.  I'll have hotel wifi then - TPG wanted to install my internet on Friday but I'm on a trip so it has to wait until next Friday :(

Exploring was fun: I only had to keep Lily on the lead for the first 100m or so, and then unclipped her and let her roam.  At the bottom of my street there is a massive park with football pitches, softball ovals (if they call them that) and rugby fields also.  Not anywhere did I see a sign mentioning dogs, and definitely none saying no-Lilies-allowed.  We crossed a ford, saw some carvings of Australian Wildlife, and in general revelled in the fact that it was all here at our doorstep.  Lily chased some magpies and cockatoos and ran around like a crazy thing, so fun was had by all.  And then we made our way back, as I needed to think about getting ready for my beach trip.  

As I'm going to be gone all day and don't know what time I'll be back I can neither leave her crated or with access to outside as I've no doggy door.  So that means that despite her clean record of "going" outside I will have to set her tray beside the door so that she can "go" in that.  Too much info?  I have the baby gate set up at the bottom of the stairs so her area is secure.

Right now she is running back and forwards in the garden with a leaf in her mouth... 

Anyway as I said, I'm going up the coast today so my backpack's packed, towel and bodyboard in the car, and ready to go - so now it's breakfast time!


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