Monday, April 25, 2016

A quick update

There's not much new to report, except that I've got the internet being installed on Friday (at last!) and a new couch arriving the same day.  Hopefully a perfect end to my week.  It's Tuesday today, and I'm away until Thursday night. Lily is hanging with a puppy friend - who she wishes would just leave her alone - and will probably be ready to sleep when I pick her up Thursday night!  There's not much rest to be had when you have a younger puppy bouncing around you all day! 

On Saturday, I'm having a small house-warming and inviting over some of the girls from church, so that should be fun.  

I'm still fighting with house plans, the general plan I have finished, but I still need to decide on electrical before sending the plans off to start on the contract... And then perhaps construction?  At some point in the next couple of months?

Anyway that's about all that's going on in Aus... For me anyway...

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