Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have a new friend, and I've decided to let her share my room with me.

I can't believe that I actually bought a surf board - and still not sure how I'll transport it! First choice is to buy a set of padded straps to go on the roof of the car, and worst case scenario invest in a roof rack. I haven't tried putting it in the car, but I have a feeling that a 7'5" board might be a struggle to fit in a tiny Corolla!

Unfortunately I managed to ding her on my first trip out, by bumping her nose on a rock, but the general consensus is that the damage is superficial, and that it won't affect the waterproofness of the board. Just to be safe, it's duct taped, and I'm bery disappointed that no one I have mentioned this fact to has been in the least bit concerned about whether I was damaged in the incident! - since you asked, I'm fine, thankyouverymuch.

Off to Sydney today, and running out of duty hours (I've been working a lot) so I get to come home tomorrow lunch time and spend Friday off, instead of a 3 day trip! Having just returned from a 5 day trip with one day off inbetween, this is greatly appreciated!!

I want to go surfing... but unfortunately the new roster was just published and I am going to Auckland on 1st Feb for the simulator on the 2nd. With my least favourite person. *stabs self with plastic fork*

So... I have to study. - and they keep changing the goal posts so not sure which procedures to adhere to!!


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