Sunday, January 20, 2013

Okay, a quick follow up on Byron, since I promised.

We left Brisbane at 0600, and drove to Steve's house to pick up his boards an his car to put the boards on to, as my car with a board inside it can only take 2 people including myself.

However, Steve's car was less than perfect, to say the least, although he did try starting the engine and by the stink of petrol off it, it didn't seem like a good idea to drive 2 hours away in it! So we took Steve's strappy-oojit and put the boards on the roof of the Corolla! Yay!

The first beach we went to was Tallow, as the boys said the waves there were the best. Considering Marnix doesn't know anything about waves, and that Steve is pretty much a pro, didn't really make the choice all that wise. While Steve was easily able to paddle through the breakers, myself and Marnix got well and truly slaughtered and gave up pretty easily. As soon as you had stood up from one wave, the current was pulling you sideways and back towards the beach and another wave was breaking on your head and wrenching the surf board out of your grip.

After Tallow, we went back to the Main Beach which was much more stable. I slathered my face with neon pink zinc, and Steve managed to catch Marnix dozing off and put some large pink polka dots on his face - of which he remained unaware until we were back in Brisbane!!!

I tried to take some photos of the tree of us, but goofballs must be goofballs...

And then we ate subway and surfed and slept on the sand and surfed an slept some more.. and a great day was had by all!

Disclaimer, my face is pink from ZINC!!!

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