Friday, January 4, 2013

Went to see The Hobbit today.  Not sure what to make of it - yes, it was good, but it was quite drawn out and quite a 'long sit', as they say.  I'm not convinced that they needed to split the book into 3 movies.  It also didn't help that there were people in the corner of the cinema taking photos constantly - mostly of themselves, rather than the movie, which was weird.  Also there was quite a lot of noise with people unwrapping candy, etc.  And it was very expensive, as movies are, over here.

Tomorrow I may go to see Les Mis, on my own, because nobody wants to watch it with me (ok I've asked 2 people and they both said no) and it's my day off so if I want to go to the cinema on my own, I can.  As you do.

Then it's off to Rocky!  WOOHOO!!!  I'd like to work my day off tomorrow (bit of extra cash!) but everything's crewed so it looks like it will be a quiet day :)


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