Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's been a busy day, and now I'm lying here in the dark - well, dark except for my phone screen - in a strange room, in a strange place, with all of my stuff littered around me.

I feel a bit like one of those people on Compulsive Hoarders. Except, I'm not, you know, because I do throw some things away, like dead spiders and toilet roll insides and sweet wrappers. At least, I throw them away when I move house... *ahem* change subject quickly...

I got up early this morning and loaded the car - where did I get all this stuff? and then I threw away all the toilet roll insides, etc... as you do, when you move house, and I cleaned and cleaned and facebooked and facebooked and finally woke People up so that we could move The Furniture.

Did I mention that I'm unfit? That lugging just a few boxes up one eency weency flight of stairs leaves me wheezing? This has got to stop! I shall motivate myself and exercise and then I shall facebook and forget my motivation and all will be well again because I hopefully won't have any boxes to lift for a long time.

I haven't really said much about moving, have I? Well, there's not much to say, it was more 'doing', and now I'm almost unpacked here (no, not in the dark, that was before I switches the light off) and the old place is almost emptied of Stuff.

It's weird, you know, thinking of it as the old place, because it's home, and it's friendly and it's familiar. And there's a very red light on the fan in my room and that's going to annoy me if it doesn't watch out.

Anyway, now I must sleep as tomorrow I must finish moving and go to Canberra.


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