Sunday, February 3, 2013

So yeah, that was Auckland. Auckland with it's extremely hard to find wifi, and also with massively high roaming charges. Although, I should really blame Australia for that, rather than New Zealand.

Being that I was only over for 3 nights, I didn't buy a sim card, so being internetless the majority of the time, I am writing this from my hotel room and will publish it when I get to the business lounge at the airport.

Oooh hooty tooty business lounge, you may well say. Too right, and long may it last! Bring on the perks, I must say :)

Anyway, the recurrent simulator (an approximately 6 month occurrence) and Instrument Rating Test ( supposedly 12 monthly but we do it 6 monthly...) is over. Hoorah! This also means that I am out of probation - officially, only when I get a letter from the company.

I don't have any pictures from here. I'm afraid we came, we didn't see much, and I guess we conquered, and the only photos I took are company specific and not going on the blog, although I am 99.9% sure you all know who I am anyway. Do you? Should I be worried?

Back to Brizzy tomorrow (well, today by the time I post this), and then surfing on Tuesday - that's the plan, anyway! Gotta give my new board some breaking in :)

Celebratory beers are all in fashion now, although my not-so-esteemed colleague decided (for once) to join us in the bar and then sat down at a different table, which was a bit weird.


I am now in the business lounge, using the free wifi, so I can post this! Sorry, nothing extra, either interesting or worthwhile, to report...


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