Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday. For the last 2 days I've thought it was Friday, which gets confusing and a little inconvenient when trying to make appointments. I figure from now on I should go with dates!

Today is my last day of house viewing - or at least, it is my last day of scheduled appointments. I have 43 apartments to view, after which I want to make a decision.

I've one place that I really want to move in to, but haven't yet heard back about, and one place I have been offered, so there is something happening!

Tomorrow morning, early, I head to Byron for two days, camping, except I don't yet have a sleeping bag or mattress to lie on! Hopefully I will have time to buy stuff this afternoon. I've just spent huge amounts of money on a cover and straps for my surfboard so that is safe on the roof, so looking forward to plenty of surfing!

I'm rather dreading this move, in that after this weekend I have almost no time off, so getting my life organised is going to be one massive last minute rush! Anyway, here's to an awesome place to live, sometime soon ! Cheers! :)


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