Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chris: right, stay inside the car because this is a real Alaskan residence, and you might get shot.

Ten minutes later:
Olivia (4): is it for real life that people shoot you here, or is it just pretend?

I think she should be more afraid of the number of mosquitos humming around us. They're bigger than the Australian ones, but it's strange how something so small can make my heart beat faster and make me struggle to cover every scrap of my skin with clothing. Hoodies are a wonderful invention. Why did I choose ankle socks? What if the mosquitos get in under the bottom of my jeans? AAAHH!!!

We're picking up a second-hand table saw on our way to Whitestone. This is truly an experience, as the table saw guy either lives in a run down caravan with boarded up windows, or a little wooden shack covered with a tarpaulin. If you look closely, you can pick out the door. Hence my brother's comment.

Every time Chris opens a car door, the three of us inside go on high alert. Meghan (10) shares my mosquito allergy, so I can appreciate her concern, although I'm pretty sure the siren-shriek isn't going to scare them away!

On our way now to WSF, Meghan is reading, reminds me of Sarah, and she doesn't appear to be affected by car sickness either.

Olivia was kicking up a stink in the car...
Chris: Olivia! Who's in charge?
Olivia: Auntie Kate!!!
Chris: Wow!
Me: Oh yeah! High five!!


Tonight, I gave out the presents, telling Nicholas that he had two because last time 'how come the girls got two and I only got one???' - expected a reaction from RKB and I got it ! He was thrilled with the dinosaur and gliders, but immediately upset that the first glider didn't glide. Stupid designs, I agree. Maybe next time something remote controlled? haha.

I got to build lots of lego, bounce on the trampoline (and try to prevent Olivia getting squished by the maniacal JMB kids) , throw an American football with Jessica (attempt to, anyway) and drink wine, which is always good.

Now, the day is over and I should go to sleep. I like jetlag this way, because I'm awake in the evenings, but it is tough getting up in the morning ! It is also 2330 and still light outside, which is odd.

Did I mention that Jude Chris beat me up? The child isn't even two, tough as nails and a little monster. Initially he was shy, that lasted all of two minutes, and then he was all over me, squeezing my neck with his chubby little fingers, poking his fingernails deep in my eyes and butting his head into my stomach. Did I mention drooling? A LOT?? Wow. I then told him it was nap time and asked if he wanted to read a book... his reaction? push me down on the floor (he is persuasive, for 20 months) throw his blanket on me, give me a doll, and charge headlong out of the door. He was NOT pleased when I retrieved him. Wow.


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