Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping day 2

Saturday did not finish when we went to bed.  Having sat around the campfire after fishing, until about 0130, we went to bed.  Olivia woke up shortly afterwards, quite distressed from the heat and her bug bites, and apparently did not settle until 0500.  I had brought ear-plugs, and slept from around 0300, although 'sleep' is perhaps too strong a word for it.  My thoughts are with poor Laura who was really awake with little O!

Meghan sleeping with her glasses on... (normal)
I got up later than most, just in time to take Nicholas for a quick four-wheeler ride, and then return for a breakfast of coffee and sausages.  The others had eggs, but I'm sure most know how I feel about that by now!  After breakfast, we played scrabble again (Jessica had just discovered the game, so we had to play it repeatedly...) and then went four-wheeling.  This time it was Chris, Laura and myself.  We went a different direction to before, finding the same river to ford at a different place.  Chris got stuck at one stage (not in the river) and we had to tow him out with my machine.

We got back from the ride hot and sunburnt, to find Dad, Adam, Jessica and Nicholas canoeing in the middle of the lake.  I immediately suggested to Chris that we swim out to them, so we shed most of our clothes and ran down to the lakeshore.

By lakeshore, I mean marshy weedy gooey stuff that you sink into past your ankles as you wade out into the lake, and kick off swimming earlier than you really should just so that you're not touching the bottom any more.  We swam and played tag around the canoe, and then Jonathan, Rebekah and Meghan came out to join us, and it was really good.  Every now and then I'd look into the black water and feel a shiver of fear wondering what was underneath.  That's me and deep water, and all there was in the lake were rainbow trout!  (I think)


Lunch was hot dogs - I don't know why I'm describing all the meals, but I guess it's just something to blog about!

After lunch, Dad and I took the atv's out again, going the same way as we had in the morning, but we went way way further.  We had had to come back in the morning because someone needed a drink.  It wasn't Chris, Laura or me.

After that, we packed up and came home, and no one got hurt on the trip.  I'm quite surprised!

Dad cooking the hot dogs, with a typical Jon Bailey shot

Chris sitting on an atv with Olivia

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