Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Three Sundays ago was Father's Day, which we spent camping at Coal Mine Lake 5.  All the other lakes had awesome and interesting names but I guess they got bored by the time they got to that one.

It was really nice being able to spend the day with Dad, unexpected due to the fact that we live on opposite sides of the world now.  Last year I was in Australia and he was in Ireland, so I was only able to send my love from a distance.  This time, Alaska was the place to be.

Anyway, Father's Day in Alaska, 2013, started early in the morning, with the sun already high in the sky (as it never bothered to set), with a breakfast of sausages, blueberry pancakes and eggs (for some), and then Dad and I went four-wheeling, all on our lonesome, into the back of beyond.  We randomly chose which tracks to turn on to, we forded a river, and we stopped to catch our breath on rocky outcrops from which you could see the Alaskan mountain range, and patches of snow, and pretty Alpine flowers, and the Alyeska pipeline trailing into the distance.

And although I had remembered the day before, I totally forgot that it was Father's Day, and didn't think to mention to Dad how much I enjoyed being with him, or how much I loved him.  So this is about ten days too late, but Dad, you are the most amazing father I could ever have, and I love you an incredible amount, and if you would like to move to Australia, I have a spare room, and you could even bring Mally with you if you like.  I've even got a garden for Meg.

    Bond... Michael Bond :)

I love you, Dad !!!

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