Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moving House

So last night, I almost made it into an episode of Cops.  Cops Australian Edition, I guess, if that exists.

Last night ended the psycho housemate saga of 2013.  I think I'm pretty safe in saying 2013, as I'm fairly certain that my new housemate is saner than the last !  

I always get the impression that people think I am extra-dramatising the whole experience, even after viewing the emails and texts, but believe me, even special effects couldn't make it more crazy.  And last night really proved that you can't reason with crazy.  Luckily, 2013 housemate #4 (from hereout referred to as C) was there to witness it all and now does not think I was exaggerating in any way ! 

Disclaimer: this is only the third residence of 2013, it just happens that housemate #1 and #2 were at the same place, and I was there for 9 months thankyouverymuch and would have stayed if it wasn't a temporary arrangement due moving to Australia !

Having arrived home from Alaska just last week, and been verbally attacked by Crazy pretty much as soon as my feet hit the ground, I only waited 24 hours to give my notice.  She requested 2 weeks' notice which worked for me, as I had planned to give her 4.  (Cue changing plans with new housemate to move in 2 weeks' time instead of 4.)

1 day later, things snowballed into chaos, and due to verbal bashings that were heard not only in the apartment above but also in the one across the hall, I decided to move this last weekend (1.5 weeks before end of notice).  In the interim, J (housemate #1 or #2, dependent on classification) let me stay at his place, with advice from many to not be in the apartment alone with Crazy at any time.

Having moved everything out by yesterday afternoon, after a crazy weekend of rushing around like a headless chicken, and having spoken to various authorities about the right way to proceed, I drove out to meet her to finalise the paperwork, taking C to witness the exchange and hopefully prevent that abuse.

I should have recorded it.  I chose to meet her in neutral territory, not only outside the unit but outside the complex, so that she did not feel threatened or that 'her' space was invaded (despite my renting the place for another 1.5 weeks).  On seeing myself with C, she flipped out, yelling that I hadn't told her I was bringing someone with me (I had, in writing, at least twice) and turned on C, telling him that he had no right to be there (at the side of a public road) and to get back into the car.

Then, when I said I was not okay with meeting her without C there, she refused to settle things, demanding the keys to be returned - which I refused.  At that, she decided to call the police (???), so we stood beside the car in the rain, while she (standing at a 'safe' distance, behind the complex' gates) tried to persuade them that I was doing something sufficiently terrible that they would want to attend (they didn't).  

Finally, we had to wait for her to get her own Back-up Person (did she feel left out?) and she so angrily and viciously signed the return of bond form that I am now unable to use it to get my money back as it looks nothing like her other signatures.  So now, I must wait for the RTA to contact her to make sure she actually did sign the form... which will take about 3 weeks... *sigh*

I really wish I had've filmed it.  C was completely goggle-eyed, wondering whether it really was happening... oh and did I mention that she then vindictively added on the form that I hadn't given her the correct notice, as I had done so verbally?  K has been quite the peacemaker for me the last few days, encouraging me to be the bigger person... so I'm cramming as many calories in as I possibly can...

Now, I am lying on my bed in my new room, entirely unpacked, everything in its correct (and somewhat new) home, and I even had time to polish my brass spitfire.  I'm worn out from not stopping for days, it seems, but at least now having finished I have all of tomorrow off to relax before my 6 day trip on Thursday! Aaaack! 

I promise I will take photos tomorrow and post, but right now it is dark so they wouldn't come out well, so I will leave you with a picture of the brass spitfire... 


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