Saturday, July 20, 2013

Singapore Day 1

I think I'm going to melt.  Got up this morning at 0700 with it already 27 degrees and about 98% humidity.  We went for an American breakfast, and oh so good to get a good dose of crispy American bacon inside me... lunch is going to be proper Singaporean fare, ie noodles of some kind.

the view from the breakfast bar

After breakfast, half of our number chickened out back to the hotel, and Gerry and I went for a long walk, slowly dissolving along the way.

A necessary photo of Gerry taking a photo

The sea was completely full of ships.  I'd say you could walk the entire width of the harbour without getting wet!

The sea front was littered with coconut palms.  It's not coconut season yet so they're still yellow.

Apparently you can camp in the park and on the seafront if you have a permit.  A far sight from Australia where parks are simply to look at and not to use for anything in particular.

The trails were well sign posted with dire threats of punishment for any transgression, for instance $1000 fine for riding your bike through an underpass.  Of course, the Asians were all doing it anyway - the government could make a mint if it were actually enforced!

My favourite sign though was the stereotypical drug-buster one which I had to pose with.

Go Singapore!

Now, I am cooling down in my hotel room, and rueing the fact that I didn't bring enough changes of clothes for sticky heat.  I guess I will be forced to use the hotel's laundry facilities at some stage!

Next step... POOL!


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