Friday, July 12, 2013

Day two in Canberra.  This morning it was foggy, as in 100m visibility foggy, but by the time we left it was back up to legal minimum - 550m, FYI.

Interesting to see the hills poking up out of the fog, which are why we have a special departure procedure to stop us hitting them if an engine fails.

Now I'm finished work for the day and about to head into town, as when packing for this five day trip, I forgot to add any casual tops.  Uniform shirts might not work with skinny jeans.  Enforced clothes shopping, yay !

And here is a pretty Cathay airplane, Airbus 330 or 340 don't ask me which, Pretty much the only airplane I recognise is the ATR.  And yes, I wrote airplane.  So sue me.


  1. I also was a bit puzzled by the engine failure bit. Aren't the hills a bit hazardous even if you don't have an engine failure? I imagine they would hurt as much.