Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cyril & Friends

Disclaimer: To All Those Who Might Be Offended by Alcohol, and other Funny Happenings, skip this post... but really, it was all in the Strict Interests of Science, and nobody was hurt during the Research.


Having been told, by my father, that I haven't posted enough pictures, I would like to introduce you to Cyril.  And to Cyril's friends.

So last night, we decided that we didn't want to pay the hotel $10 (plus GST) for a beer, so to buy a few cans from a convenience store, to relax in the heat after a long day on the course.  We got a little side tracked.

Beside the hotel, there's a little area that I am loathe to call a shopping centre, because really, it's just the Asian version of an air conditioned Tallaght full of Asian bogans... and if that's not the best mix of International slang you ever heard, well, you're not my friends any more.  And if you don't know Tallaght, or bogans, Google is your friend.

This is where we found Cyril.

Or rather, beside the somewhat overflowing convenience store full of weird and wonderful Asian foods, and behind the knick-knack (sp?) shop of little Buddha figurines, was this:

I'm not sure what it was about Cyril and his friends that intrigued us so much.  Gerry said 'let's see what it looks like', so I'm blaming him.

One word to describe the inside of this place... okay I give up, there is no one word.  Description?  Think plastic flowers, Buddha, ribbons, dragons, random cheesy pub signs from around the world, and two taps... one of Kilkenny and one of Heineken.  And many many many Asian women (Gerry remains unconvinced) all of whom kept asking us did we want another beer... in fact, it would be safe to say that 80% of the clientele actually worked there...

And the music.  What can I possibly say about the music?  Air Supply, The Bee Gees, Ronan Keating, all being hopelessly mangled by the Asian kareoke...

Here, I even took a picture of one of the kareoke 'artists'

Oh and the guy in the orange shirt?  There was one of those at every exit.  And when I left to use the bathroom?  When getting slightly lost on the return leg, one of these guys helpfully ushered me back to Cyril & friends.  Not spooky at all, right?

Anyway, after the second beer (to be polite) we excused ourselves, but obviously we had to come back tonight dragging an Australian with us to prove how amazing Cyril was.  (only lasted 1 beer this time, the kareoke almost tortured us to death)

Maybe tomorrow we'll stick to the $10 beer plus GST...

Or perhaps we will find another unsuspecting Australian to drag into the melee *cue evil laugh*

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