Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A little retail therapy is good for the soul - although not so good for the wallet.  Sometimes, I really do enjoy getting out and just Shopping.  Without any particular goal in mind, but determined to come home with something, it lightens the mood and removes the pressure.  Although, that said, I really did want to buy some new denim shorts, but fell short of that mark.  (I really don't like ripped shorts, or micro shorts, and apparently that is all that girls wear nowadays.)

I pretty much have a week off now - or rather, a week of "displaced reserve", which means that I used to have duties, but now I don't - either my flights were cancelled, or changed to training flights, or downright removed... who knows?  More shopping?  Heh heh

It is two and a half weeks until we go to Ireland... and I found myself pacing around the shopping centre today thinking "oh that would be good for Ireland" and then stopping myself.  It's all very well buying something that will be good for a four week trip to Ireland... but when it's not suitable to wear the other eleven months of the year that one lives in Queensland... probably not the smartest idea! 

Yes, I do have warm clothes suitable for Ireland, just in case anyone gets worried - I just don't have any new ones! 

Excited about my new purchases though...


PS Yes, you're right, this was a Post About Nothing. 

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