Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be shortly passing through the cabin for a final rubbish collection.  If you do not want your boarding cards, please ensure that you shove them in the seat pocket or under the seat in front of you.  If you are travelling with small children, please feel free to give them the messiest snacks you can think of (eg cookies) and ensure that they thoroughly masticate these and smear them both over the seat cushions and on the carpet by your seat.  Thank you.  Please do not worry about the fact that someone else will have to sit there on the next flight, it's perfectly fine and we expect to have to clean up after a hoard of savages.

In other news... 9 days 'til Ireland.  Unbelievable.  So many little things that I need to do, for instance arrange a couple of days on the West Coast to show Kurt some of the beauty of Ireland... and the Shannon ATC Centre!  No, I do not classify any part of Shannon as 'the beauty of Ireland'.  However, it is situated right beside some gorgeous places, Co. Galway, Co. Clare, so much to see and do ! 

I am so excited for this trip, although not excited at all for the actual travelling there - 28 hours, most of which in grungy little airplane seats... but I can't wait to see everyone, it has been so long - 15 months!

This morning, I took the first step on curing my garden - adding agricultural sulphur to it in a bid to bring the pH down.  I have decided to keep the garden going, but to try to avoid buying any more plants - I have bean, carrot & sunflower seeds already, so I shall just plant these and see how it goes!


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