Sunday, February 2, 2014

How nice to be back in Brisbane!  It's a rainy day, so not too much of a temperature shock, and the flight arrived almost an hour early, I was first through customs and quarantine, my bag was second off the belt, and I made it home in time to see Kurt before he went to work.  Winning all round.  (Unless he didn't want to see me...)

My macbook is fixed, new hard drive, but no applications... not a little annoyed by this as I actually bought some of the applications with the laptop... hummmm.  Incredibly nice though to just sit on the couch, browsing how to grow mango trees from seed, reading up on all the blogs I follow (but are now not bookmarked...) and not feeling guilty about not studying.

Yes, it is a good thing that I studied.  Yes, I feel entitled to have stressed, deal with it.  I always do, I always will (stress, not study), and saying I shouldn't doesn't make me any less likely to.  I shall continue to stress (hopefully only slightly) over the next few days before my support sim on Sunday/Monday.  Because I can.

On the subject of growing mango trees from seed, I think I have about eight or nine little seedlings now - and google is very unhelpful as far as instructions on which seedling to keep.  Some websites say the largest seedling is most likely to be zygotic (that's bad, by the way) and others say the smallest!  I think I shall compromise by keeping the middle sized seedling.  :)

No photos.  Because I don't want to get off the couch, okay?  I shall have to at some stage, because we have a house inspection tomorrow, and C has gone on an overnight.  Mind you, he did clean all the floors etc. before he went, so he has done his part !  Sometime in the next couple of hours I shall get up off my lazy backside and do a little cleaning too.

At least the garden looks okay.

And I really want to go to the beach.  (It's raining: not going to happen.)


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