Tuesday, April 7, 2015

i'm in Auckland, I'm here for the simulator, and my brain is working at a million miles per hour.  Mind you, it's not working very hard on relevant things such as studying, but it just won't stop thinking.  Mainly the "what ifs".  The things that it has absolutely no control over, which obviously aren't useful things to think about and definitely won't help as far as the sim is concerned.

For instance, what if Lily (the puppy) does shed?  We're not guaranteed a non-shedding coat and I look again and again at the pictures thinking - is her coat too straight?  Does she look more like a Cavalier than a Poodle?  And of course I know perfectly well that she is coming to us next Wednesday and her coat will be exactly how it is - and there is nothing I can do about that.  

And that's not even remotely aviation related!  It is 1400 now and we are meeting at 1915 to go to the sim - the session is 2100 - 0100 NZ time.  There are things I can study - for instance I have run through every scenario that we will cover today in my head - and manuals I can read - I still want to review Chapter 7 again - but most of today is about flying from the left hand seat - and I can't learn that from a book.

And so although I know I've never struggled with aircraft handling in the past, my mind automatically goes into freakout Ican'tprepareforthissoI'mgoingotodie mode.

Which of course is very very useful.

However I do have 6 Cadbury's creme eggs so the week shouldn't be altogether bad.

I walked the 20 minutes to Woollies - which they call Countdown over here - to buy some basic supplies, and am feeling the lack of a desk in my room.  I have 2 double beds - should I sleep in a different one each night?  But no desk to sit at... Bed it is ! 

There is a fridge for my supplies though :). 

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