Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today, I flew the airplane from the left seat, for the very first time.  

I also have the very best husband ever.

Without my knowing, he went to the airport and filmed me taxiing and taking off on my first flight.  He actually stood at the gate and waited patiently for me to (finally) start moving and then moved to a closer gate to film the rest.  I am pretty chuffed that this is on record and that he was so sweet to do so!  Best idea ever :)

He also gave the puppy a bath in my absence which rates pretty high on my list of things-husbands-can-do-to-be-awesome.  

And today I flew the airplane from the left seat, I didn't kill anyone, and the airplane was reusable afterwards, so all is good in the land of Kate tonight.

PS Lily is soooooooo fluffy!!!


  1. I'm very impressed! So when do you publish the awesome video?

  2. aww what a nice Kurt! I want to see the video too!