Thursday, April 2, 2015

When I was a child, Easter wasn't a thing.  Chocolate, however, was, and I dreamed and hoped and begged (mostly begged) for Easter goodies, which, let's face it, hardly ever worked.

I do remember one year, however, when we spent Easter in Shannon, staying in an apartment belonging to Dad's company.  We went to visit some caves, which just happened to have an Easter Egg hunt.  I don't recollect us paying for this - in fact I don't think we even ended up going in the caves - but Sarah and I did do the egg hunt.  (The Only Easter Egg Hunt)

These were no ordinary eggs, these were the best type - Cadbury's Creme Eggs.  They also had a few hard boiled eggs hidden in the grass, or trees, etc. and if you found one, you got to choose between a baseball hat or 5 creme eggs...  and having found a green hard-boiled egg, I obviously chose the chocolate.  I ended up scavenging over 30 eggs - I'm not sure how long this took me.

What is more...  I then managed to eat almost the whole 30 in the course of the weekend.

Perhaps knowing if we took them home I would be forced to 'share' ?

I also recollect there being an awful lot of very small children - I was a little older, maybe eight or nine? - and obviously I was a lot quicker and more talented at grabbing all of the eggs before the smaller children :P

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